Partnering Police Scotland

1. Safety-net Alert Service

Accidents happen. When we alerted a daughter to our unanswered Good Morning Call, she found her dad 'in a heap' on the floor beside his Zimmer frame. He had tripped and fallen when putting on his housecoat that morning and was unable to get up. He had 'gotten a fright' and was a little shaken but didn’t need medical attention.

"I'm so thankful you managed to get me help. I don't know what would’ve happened had you not got hold of my daughter. I'd been trying for over an hour and couldn’t get myself back up. Even though I’m now more careful when walking and using my Zimmer, it's reassuring knowing that should anything happen then you will get me help."
Client, 80

His daughter appreciated of our service:

"You are Dad's safety-net and it makes us, the family, feel good too because we know if anything happens to him, or you can't get him, you’ll be right on the phone to me or my brother. Thanks for all that you do."

As having a fall can undermine someone's confidence, we take time to explore the practicalities of how and why the fall happened so that the person can minimise their risk of another fall. Our job is often to re-build someone's confidence about them living alone.

2. Community Safety

Scam Advice and Bogus Caller Alert Service

We pass on advice on fraud prevention and good doorstep management to beat the bogus caller and it means more because it comes from someone clients know and trust.

A key part of our work is in supporting clients who have become a victim of a scam or theft to:

a) talk to a trusted family member
b) talk to the police
c) help them recognise what lead to them becoming a victim
d) agree a plan of action for next time if there is one.

3. Trading Standards

Nuisance Calls and Call Blocking Equipment

We identify clients who'd benefit from the True Call call-blocking unit, the device recommended by Trading Standards, and fund-raise to be able to install them free of charge. The devices don't suit everyone so preparation as well as post-installation support is key.

"I think it's a great thing as I was getting that many nuisance calls, I was getting to the point where I didn’t want to answer the phone. I've now got a different outlook when the phone rings as I know those calling are to be trusted. I feel at ease at home now."
Jesse, 72 years

Police Scotland respond to Emergency Service Alerts.

Partnering the NHS

Good Morning Service can put a continuity of care in place when people go into hospital. We pro-actively keep track of members admitted to hospital and can co-ordinate with home discharge dates.

As importantly, giving emotional support; being able to talk about their experiences, to share worries and fears with a trusted friend has helped people to process and come to terms with how their life is changing.

"When I came out of hospital, I wasn't looking forward to being on my own. I was actually a bit frightened about it but I get so much reassurance from the phone calls every morning. You listen to all my woes and give me the confidence to be on my own with this. Plus, it’s security knowing you'll send help if you can't get a hold of me."
Margaret, 78 years

By listening and caring we can help someone to cope, and also to build their confidence to ask questions about their own health:

"My Good Morning Calls are about the only ones I get, and if I'm worried about anything at all, I know I can talk about it to the staff. I've had some good advice which makes me feel better and helps me not to worry too much. I didn't want to bother anyone with my health issues, but they encouraged me and gave me the confidence to tell my GP and that got me the help I needed."
Client, 70 years

Routinely, it is in the daily support of Good Morning Calls that we can maintain good or improve mental health. When clients are going through difficult times or, have had poor mental health throughout their life, they find our relationship helps:

"I get out of bed for Good Morning even when I go through really black times. It's knowing someone cares."
Client, 76 years

"The Service has given me my life back. It's a comfort to talk to them. You know that they’re there to help with whatever you need - and that they care. I was at the brink of taking my own life but I’ve never looked back since joining Good Morning."
Client, 70 years

Operation Monarda tackles doorstep crime.

Takes a village

As we build trust and a meaningful relationship through building knowledge of the person, we can monitor wellbeing with a light touch.

We make referrals to other support services to get clients the practical or emotional help they need.

Falls Prevention Service, Carer’s Centres, Beatson Patient Support, Men’s Sheds, Contact the Elderly Tea Parties, The Food Train, Alzheimer Scotland, Lifelink, Citizens Advice Bureau, Action on Hearing Loss, Breathing Space, Glasgow Disability Alliance, MacMillan, British Red Cross, My Bus, Community Connectors, Glasgow Care & Repair, Trading Standards, Diabetes UK, Fire and Rescue Scotland and Social Work Services Area Teams.

"I can't thank you enough for getting me handrails fitted. They (Falls Prevention Service) were very helpful and the handrail at my bed is brilliant. I don't need to worry about falling again."
Client, 81 years

"Good Morning keep me informed as they introduced me to the Handy Person Service which I now rely on for any odd jobs I need done. You’re always looking out for me."
Client, 97 years

One of our most enjoyable partnership is with Police Scotland Youth Volunteers! Each year we work together to collect donations to be able to deliver food and gift hampers to our clients who'd benefit from a wee bit of extra support. The Lord Provost of Glasgow has very kindly supported our venture each year.

As Christmas and New Year can be a time when feelings of loneliness and isolation are heightened, when we remember those who have passed away and reminisce about times gone by, we visit our members whom we know need extra contact during this time, including on Christmas Day itself. It helps people cope.

"I don't like this time of year, it brings back painful memories. My wife, she was a very special person and I miss her dearly, so I treat it like any other day. But I really enjoyed the visit, a lot. It was good to have company and not be alone with my thoughts"
Client, 78 years

PSVY volunteers help deliver Christmas hampers.

Make a difference

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